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XmlVoyager combines the flexibility of spreadsheets with the hierarchical layout of XML to provide a new approach for viewing, annotating, visualizing, and transforming XML documents (screen shots).

Key Features


XmlVoyager is available free of charge. Click here to download XmlVoyager zip file (134 KB). (Requires Internet Explorer 6.0, and .NET Framework 1.1).


3 examples are provided as part of the download package above.

Screen Shots

Click here for XmlVoyager screen shots.

Status of XmlVoyager

XmlVoyager is a work in progress. For updates, questions, feature recommendations, and more information, please contact me at (waleed_abdulla (at) xrules (dot) org) or join the XRules and DynamicDOM mailing list (link at the bottom of the page).


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