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Screen Shots

The main view

Here you can view your XML document and add or edit annotations. You have full flexibility in customizing the columns, and you can use the folding feature to hide irrelevant nodes when not working on them. By default, nodes that don't have any annotations (properties) on them or on any of their child nodes are folded.

View Customization

Here you customize the columns heading, color, width...etc, and decide which columns to make visible. Here, you also set a title and a description to show at the top of your view.

View in Internet Explorer

You can generate the same view as an HTML file to view in a browser. You still have the folding feature in the browser, but you can't edit the annotations.

XSLT Transformation

The annotations (properties) assigned to each node are accessible for XSLT transformations using the xre:property() XPath function. This screen shot shows an HTML file generated by XmlVoyager using an XSLT transformation (XSLT file provided with download).

Another XSLT Transformation

This is another example of using the annotations created using XmlVoyager to generate customized views using XSLT (XSLT file provided with XmlVoyager).

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