DynamicDOM v0.43.2. Implementation based on XRules v0.43

XRules Namespace

Namespace hierarchy


Class Description
BindingException The exception that is thrown when the XRules document cannot be bound to the XML document.
BindRule Implements the <bind> rule.
CalculateRule Implements the <calculate> rule.
CalculateValue Represents one value in a list of values of a <calculate> rule.
CalculateValueList Represents a list of CalculateValue objects.
DDomContext Implements XRules-specific XPath extension functions that are used when executing XPath expressions on DXmlDocument. For example, using the property() XPath extension function when calling SelectNodes().
DXmlAttribute Extends XmlAttribute and adds support for dynamic execution of XRules rules.
DXmlDocument Extends XmlDocument and adds support for dynamic execution of XRules rules.
DXmlElement Extends XmlElement and adds support for dynamic execution of XRules rules.
DXmlNodeChangedEventArgs Provides data for DXmlNodeChangedEventHandler.
DXmlProperty Represents an XRules property. XRules properties are attached to XML nodes either using <property> rules or using the Properties collection on DXmlElement and DXmlAttribute.
DXmlPropertyChangedEventArgs Provides data for DXmlPropertyChangedEvent.
DynamicDomException This exception is the base class of all exception classes defined by the DynamicDOM.
InvalidXRulesException Raised if the XRules document is invalid. This will usually be raised by the Load() method and provides details about the error.
ParticleList Represents a list of objects that implement the IDynamicParticle interface.
PropertyList Represents a dictionary of DXmlProperty objects attached to DXmlElement or DXmlAttribute nodes.
PropertyRule Represents a <property> rule which is a child of the <bind> rule.
ReadOnlyParticleException This exception is raised when trying to change the value of a read-only particle (node or property). A node or property becomes read-only when its value is determined by a <calculate> or <property> rule respectively. This exception provides a reference to the particle that raised the error.
RuleBase The base class for all rule classes.
RuleError Represents a validation error generated by a rule when it validates the target XML document.
RuleErrorList Represents a list of RuleError objects.
RuleInstance Represents one instance of a rule that is attached to a certain set of XML nodes.
RuleInstanceList This class is used to represent a list of RuleInstance objects.
RuleList Represents a list of RuleBase objects.
Ruleset Implements the <ruleset> element. A ruleset contains rules and other rulesets.
RulesetList Represents a list of Ruleset objects.
RuleViolationException Raised when a change to an XML node or property violates one or more rules in the XRules document attached to the DXmlDocument being changed.
ValidateRule Implements the <validate> rule.
ValuesetItem Represents one value in a <valueset> rule.
ValuesetItemList Represents a list of ValuesetItem objects.
ValuesetRule Implements the <valueset> rule (a child of the <bind> rule).
XRulesContext Implements XRules-specific XPath functions such as: config(), context(), target(), property(), iif()... etc.
XRulesDocument Contains and manages an XRules document.
XRulesDocumentList Represents a list of XRulesDocument objects.


Interface Description
IDXmlNode Provides an interface for common methods and properties implemented by both DXmlElement and DXmlAttribute.
IDynamicParticle This interface is implemented by all objects that can participate in the dynamic evaluation of XRules rules: DXmlElement, DXmlAttribute, DXmlProperty.


Delegate Description
DXmlNodeChangedEventHandler Represents the method that handles DNodeChanged events.
DXmlPropertyChangedEventHandler Represents the method that handles DPropertyChanged events.


Enumeration Description
NodeValidity Defines the validity state of an XML node as determined by rules applied to the node.
RuleApplyMode Defines the different ways rules can interact with the target XML document.