DynamicDOM v0.43.2. Implementation based on XRules v0.43

XRulesDocumentList.Item Property

[C#] In C#, this property is the indexer for the XRulesDocumentList class.

[Visual Basic]
Public Default Property ReadOnly Item( _ 
   ByVal index As Integer _ 
) As XRulesDocument
public XRulesDocument this[
   int index
] { get; }
public: __property XRulesDocument* get_Item(
   int index
returnValue = XRulesDocumentListObject.Item( index );
returnValue = XRulesDocumentListObject( index );

[JScript] In JScript, you can use the default indexed properties defined by a type, but you cannot explicitly define your own. However, specifying the expando attribute on a class automatically provides a default indexed property whose type is Object and whose index type is String.

Property Value

The indexer of the class. This indexer is the wrapper of the indexer of the IList interface. Its benefit is to return objects of type 'XRulesDocument' instead of objects of type 'Object'.

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