DynamicDOM v0.43.2. Implementation based on XRules v0.43

XRulesContext Constructor (XRulesDocument, XmlNode)

Constructs a new CusomContext and initiates it with namespace declarations copied from the XmlNode specified by namespaceScopeNode.

[Visual Basic]
Protected Friend Sub New( _ 
   ByVal ownerDocument As XRulesDocument, _ 
   ByVal namespaceScopeNode As XmlNode _ 
protected internal XRulesContext(
   XRulesDocument ownerDocument,
   XmlNode namespaceScopeNode
public protected: XRulesContext(
   XRulesDocument* ownerDocument,
   XmlNode* namespaceScopeNode
protected internal function XRulesContext(
   XRulesDocument ownerDocument,
   XmlNode namespaceScopeNode


A reference to the owner document.
A reference to an XmlNode from which to copy all namespace declarations to the newly created XRulesContext.

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