DynamicDOM v0.43.2. Implementation based on XRules v0.43

XRulesContext.ResolveVariable Method 

When overridden in a derived class, resolves a function reference and returns an IXsltContextFunction representing the function. The IXsltContextFunction is used at execution time to get the return value of the function.

[Visual Basic]
Overrides Public Function ResolveVariable( _ 
   ByVal prefix As String, _ 
   ByVal name As String _ 
) As IXsltContextVariable
public override IXsltContextVariable ResolveVariable(
   string prefix,
   string name
public: IXsltContextVariable* ResolveVariable(
   String* prefix,
   String* name
public override function ResolveVariable(
   String prefix,
   String name
): IXsltContextVariable;


The prefix of the function as it appears in the XPath expression.
The name of the function.

Return Value

An IXsltContextFunction representing the function.

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