DynamicDOM v0.43.2. Implementation based on XRules v0.43

XmlHelpers.LookupPrefix Method 

Similar to XmlNamespaceManager.LookupPrefix(), but returns the non-empty prefix of a namespace even if an empty prefix is available for it.

[Visual Basic]
Shared Public Function LookupPrefix( _ 
   ByVal namespaceManager As XmlNamespaceManager, _ 
   ByVal uri As String _ 
) As String
public static string LookupPrefix(
   XmlNamespaceManager namespaceManager,
   string uri
public: static String* LookupPrefix(
   XmlNamespaceManager* namespaceManager,
   String* uri
public static function LookupPrefix(
   XmlNamespaceManager namespaceManager,
   String uri
): String;


The namespace manager in which to search for a prefix.
the namespace URI to lookup a prefix for.

Return Value

A prefix assigned to the specified namespace URI, or an empty string if the namespace URI was not found.

See Also

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