DynamicDOM v0.43.2. Implementation based on XRules v0.43

XmlHelpers.GetXmlNodeFullPath Method 

Retrieves the full xpath of the specified node.

[Visual Basic]
Shared Public Function GetXmlNodeFullPath( _ 
   ByVal xmlNode As XmlNode, _ 
   ByRef namespaceManager As XmlNamespaceManager, _ 
   ByVal getPositions As Boolean, _ 
   ByRef needsEmptyNamespace As Boolean _ 
) As String
public static string GetXmlNodeFullPath(
   XmlNode xmlNode,
   ref XmlNamespaceManager namespaceManager,
   bool getPositions,
   out bool needsEmptyNamespace
public: static String* GetXmlNodeFullPath(
   XmlNode* xmlNode,
   * XmlNamespaceManager* namespaceManager,
   bool getPositions,
   * bool needsEmptyNamespace
public static function GetXmlNodeFullPath(
   XmlNode xmlNode,
   XmlNamespaceManager namespaceManager,
   bool getPositions,
   bool needsEmptyNamespace
): String;


A reference to the XML node to return its full path.
The namespace manager from which to get namespace prefixes. This function might add new namespace prefixes to this namespace manager if such prefixes are needed in the path and not already defined.
If 'true', the position of the each element in the path will be added between square brackets after the name of the element. The position will always be 1 if there is one element of this name in its context, and it will be its position among the elements having the same name in its context.
This parameter is set to true if the generated path contains a node that belongs to the empty namespace, and therefore doesn't use a namespace prefix.

Return Value

The full path of the node.


For the student element below:


this function returns 'class/first[1]/student[1]' or 'class/first/student' depending on the value of the getPositions parameter.

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