DynamicDOM v0.43.2. Implementation based on XRules v0.43

XmlHelpers.EvaluateXPath Method 

Executes the specified XPath expression and return the outcome in an object.

[Visual Basic]
Shared Public Function EvaluateXPath( _ 
   ByVal xpathExpression As String, _ 
   ByVal contextNode As XmlNode, _ 
   ByVal targetNode As XmlNode, _ 
   ByVal xrulesContext As XRulesContext _ 
) As Object
public static object EvaluateXPath(
   string xpathExpression,
   XmlNode contextNode,
   XmlNode targetNode,
   XRulesContext xrulesContext
public: static Object* EvaluateXPath(
   String* xpathExpression,
   XmlNode* contextNode,
   XmlNode* targetNode,
   XRulesContext* xrulesContext
public static function EvaluateXPath(
   String xpathExpression,
   XmlNode contextNode,
   XmlNode targetNode,
   XRulesContext xrulesContext
): Object;


The XPath expression to be executed.
The XPath context node from which all XPath paths are evaluated.
A reference to the target node whose value will be changed according to the XPath expression.
The custom namespace manager object to use to resolve namesapces in XRules functions. Null can be passed if the XPath expression doesn't use namespaces.

Return Value

An 'object' containing the execution result. This object can be casted to the desired XPath type (number, Boolean, string, or node set).

See Also

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