DynamicDOM v0.43.2. Implementation based on XRules v0.43

InvalidXRulesException Constructor

The default constructor of the class.

Overload List

The default constructor of the class.

[Visual Basic] Public Sub New()
[C#] public InvalidXRulesException();
[C++] public: InvalidXRulesException();
[JScript] public function InvalidXRulesException();

This constructor is called during deserialization to reconstitute the exception object trasmitted over a stream.

[Visual Basic] Public Sub New(ByVal SerializationInfo,ByVal StreamingContext)
[C#] public InvalidXRulesException(SerializationInfo,StreamingContext);
[C++] public: InvalidXRulesException(SerializationInfo*,StreamingContext);
[JScript] public function InvalidXRulesException(SerializationInfo,StreamingContext);

Constructs a new exception with the message specified by 'strMessage'.

[Visual Basic] Public Sub New(ByVal String)
[C#] public InvalidXRulesException(string);
[C++] public: InvalidXRulesException(String*);
[JScript] public function InvalidXRulesException(String);

Constructs a new exception with the message specified by 'strMessage', having the inner exception 'innerException'.

[Visual Basic] Public Sub New(ByVal String,ByVal Exception)
[C#] public InvalidXRulesException(string,Exception);
[C++] public: InvalidXRulesException(String*,Exception*);
[JScript] public function InvalidXRulesException(String,Exception);

Constructs a new exception having the message specified by 'strMessage', the inner exception specified by 'innerException', the line number specified by 'lineNumber', and the line position specified by 'linePosition'.

[Visual Basic] Public Sub New(ByVal String,ByVal Exception,ByVal Integer,ByVal Integer)
[C#] public InvalidXRulesException(string,Exception,int,int);
[C++] public: InvalidXRulesException(String*,Exception*,int,int);
[JScript] public function InvalidXRulesException(String,Exception,int,int);

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