XRules is an XML business rules language that expresses constraints, calculations, interdependencies, and properties that describe and exist among elements and attributes of an XML document. XRules can be used to validate business rules in an XML transaction, attach metadata to the XML Infoset, or add dynamism to XML by using the Dynamic DOM.



XmlVoyager is an XML annotation tool built on XRules and uses the DynamicDOM engine. Click here for more details.


Download the full package (source code, tutorials, examples, tools, and utilities) in a ZIP file by clicking here:

Status of XRules

XRules is a work in progress. This web site will have the latest available documents and tools, and will be updated regularly.

If you like to get involved in developing XRules or have feedback or questions, please see the Get Involved page or join the XRules group on Yahoo (link below).

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